Fri July 25, 2014
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  • imges Afghanistan beat Zimbabwe in 4th ODI by 100 runs

    Afghanistan beat Zimbabwe in back to back matches and by doing this they drew (2-2) in the One-Day International (ODI) series at Bulawayo. They have won series against a Test nation that also awa....

  • imges Editorial: Justice for all

    Death sentence for the police officer who killed a foreign photojournalist and injured a reporter is indeed a good verdict of a Kabul court as it would restore trust of foreign media-persons, wor....

  • imges Cleric killed in Nimroz

    KABUL: Militants on Wednesday evening killed a local religious scholar in Khashrud district of Nimroz province, a local official said. Maulvi Abdul Rahman Fakoor was shot dead by two motorcyclist....

  • imges 6 killed, 28 injured in Takhar blast

    KABUL: Bomb blast killed at least six civilians and wounded 28 others in Khoja Ghar district of Takhar province on Thursday morning. In a statement issued here the Ministry of Interior (MoI) said....

  • imges Two foreign women shot dead in Herat

    Two foreign women were shot and killed by unknown gunmen while riding in a taxi in the western Afghan city of Herat on Thursday, local officials said. The attack came the same day that a market b....

  • imges Billions worth of US Army kit to remain in Afghanistan after

    The US Army, owner of the bulk of military equipment in Afghanistan, is expecting to leave about USD5 billion worth of gear behind when it has completed a withdrawal operation at the end of 2016.....

  • imges US satisfied with progress in ballot auditing

    WASHINGTON: The United States expressed “broad satisfaction” over the progress made in ballot auditing noting that given the complexity and unprecedented scope of this effort, it’s not surp....

  • imges Beijing wants to enhance ties with Kabul: Yuxi

    KABUL: China special representative for Afghanistan in his meeting with President Hamid Karzai has said that Beijing is eager to bolster bilateral ties with Kabul in economic and other areas, a s....

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Sports & Show Biz


  • Afghanistan down Zimbabwe

    Zimbabwe: Afghanistan beat Zimbabwe by two wickets on Tuesday in a thr Read More...

  • Afghan cricket squad off to Zi

    KABUL: The Afghanistan cricket team on Thursday left for Zimbabwe for Read More...

  • ICC Cricket World Cup trophy t

    KABUL: The ICC Cricket World Cup trophy will visit countries that wil Read More...

  • Kabul athletes donate blood fo

    KABUL: Despite that clashes are still going on in a number of district Read More...

Show Biz

  • James Garner, Rockford Files s

    James Garner, the US star of hit TV series The Rockford Files and Mave Read More...

  • Huma Qureshi to romance John A

    The actor debuted in with Gangs of Wasseypur. In yet another movie unc Read More...

  • Kangana Ranaut: Coming back to

    The Queen recently returned from New York after finishing a filmmaking Read More...

  • Riteish Deshmukh: I almost sto

    The Ek Villain actor recently stated that he would was embarrassed to Read More...


  • Will drones become the future of farming?

    Pilotless drones have had the biggest impact on the battlefield, serving as eyes in the sky and even as attack aircraft. But could they find another role, helping farmers boost food production?.......

  • Electric scooter design that makes a hole lot of sense

    Scooters are a firm favourite in the developing world – but they are noisy and polluting, and can be dangerously overloaded. One company has come up with a cleaner, safer option. In many parts of the world, the scooter is one of the most popular ways to....


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