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10 drug traffickers arrested

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AT-KABUL: Counter Narcotics Police (CNP) has arrested 10drug runners in the past three months, said officials.

CNP has apprehended 10 smugglers through different crackdown and handed over them to Criminal Justice Task Force (CJTF) for further criminal proceedings, said a statement issued by CJTF.

Statement said that the investigation would carry out by the CJTF, after examining the evidences and arguments from both sides will judge the cases justly.

The smugglers were arrested by CNP in eight provinces, statement added.

Some 73kg of heroin, 153kg opium, and 71 liters of alcoholic beverages discovered and confiscated from the possession of abovementioned smugglers, statement asserted.

All the convicted drug traffickers would have defense attorneys for their legal defense during court trail, noted the statement.