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14 fighters killed in clashes between ISIS, Taliban in Nangarhar

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AT-KABUL: At least 14 militants have been killed during clashes between the Taliban and ISIS in eastern Nangarhar province.

A press statement issued by Nangarhar police here on Tuesday said that nine militants were killed in Sholana area of Chaparhar district and five others were killed in Momand village of Achin district in clashes between fighters of two terrorist groups.

A statement didn’t mention the name of the terrorist groups; however, an official on condition of anonymity said that the groups were the Taliban and ISIS.

According to reports clashes have intensified between the Taliban and ISIS fighters in Nangarhar province recently. Tens of militants, related to both sides, have been killed in the fighting so far.

Based on information provided by security organizations, footprints of ISIS have been seen in Helmand, Farah and Nangarhar provinces.