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19 Daesh militants killed in Nangarhar

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AT-KABUL: At least 19 fighters loyal to the Islamic State (IS), also known as Deash terrorists were killed during an operation in eastern Nangarhar province, within past 24 hours, security official said.

In a press statement, the Nangarhar press office, said that these fighters were killed in Haska Meena and Achin district of the province during air and ground raids.

Seven Daesh fighters were killed and two others wounded in Haska Meena district during air and ground raids, added statement.

Likewise, 12 other Daesh fighters were killed during airstrike in Achin district, noted statement.

Statement said that all the killed fighters were foreigners entered illegally to the province for terrorist attacks.

A vehicle of Daesh destroyed during raid in Achin district as well, underlined the statement.