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35 candidates removed from final list

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AT News Report-KABUL: A sum of 35 election hopefuls was removed on Saturday by the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission from the final list of parliamentary elections’ candidates.

This deletion comes as the complaints panel had commissioned earlier this month a board to investigate links of some candidates with illegal armed groups, as well as involvement in security issues, coordinated crimes, drug smuggling and misuse of public and private assets.

Removal of potential candidates from the ballot list faced criticism. The delisted candidates gathered on Saturday to oppose the commission’s decision as biased and unsubstantiated.

Mawlawi Tarakhail, Fawzia Kofi, Maryam Kofi, ZiaulhaqAmarkhail, Sayed Jafar Naderi, Ghulam Haidar Jailani, Allah Mir, Sayed Daud Naderi, ZardadFaryadiwere among the removed candidates.