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Afghan authors lauded in 9th Jalal Al-e-Ahmad Literary Award

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AT-KABUL: The novels of four Afghan writers were picked up by the judges of the Jalal Al-e-Ahmad Ninth Literary Award launched in Tehran, the capital city of Iran.

According to Journalists’ Club, the Jalal Al-e-Ahmad Literary Award was attended by Afghan ambassador to Tehran, head of Afghan authors’ union and a number of Farsi writers and poets.

Two short tales titled ‘Kabul Jai-e-Adam nest’ (Kabul is not place for human) written by Sayed Ali Musawi, ‘Khorosan-e-Bagh-e-Babor’ (Cocks of Babor Garden) written by Hussain Fakhri, and the roman ‘Chahar Gerd-e-Qala Gashtam’ (I walked around the castle) written by Rahnaward Zaryab and ‘Gorg Haye Dawandar’ written by Ahmad Zia Siamak Herawi were selected in the Jalal Al-e-Ahmad Literary Award.

Among published romans in the past eight years, ‘Chahar Gerd-e-Qala Gashtam’ of Rahnaward Zaryab,  ‘Sinamagar Shahr-e-Noqra’ (silver city filmmaker) written by Asef Sultanzada, ‘Gorg Haye Dawandar’ of Ahmad Zia Siamak Herawi, ‘Resman-e-Sheni’ (sandy rope) written by Khosraw Mani, ‘Nashad Siasar’ (Unhappy woman) written by Mohammad Hussain Mohammadi were the especial roman nominees from Afghanistan.

The book ‘Ba waqt-e-Bukhara’ (At the time of Bukhara) written by Wasima Badghisi, ‘Bodyguard’ written by Habib Sadiqi, “Khorosan Bagh-e-Babor” (Bagh-e-Babor Cocks) written by Hussain Fakhri, “Kabul Jai-e-Adam nest” (Kabul is not place for human) written by Sayed Ali Musawi was introduced as best short tales and nominees for receiving prizes from Afghanistan.

Also late Mohammad Akram Osman, Afghan author and researcher was lauded in the Jalal Al-e Ahmad Literary Award ceremony.