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Afghan-Iran trade soars up to $2b

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AT-KABUL: The non-oil trade between Afghanistan and Iran reached to 2.48 billion dollars last year, according to Iranian media reports.

The reports said that 5.32 million tons of non-oil merchandises were exchanged between the two neighboring countries that indicate 18.64 percent increase compared to the previous year.

The reports quoted officials at the Iran’s custom office as saying that 5.30 million tons of non-oil merchandises were exported to Afghanistan last year that cost 2.46 billion dollars.

The data shows that Iran’s export to Afghanistan had increased by 18.97 per cent and Afghanistan turned to seventh market for Iranian goods in the past year.

In return, Afghanistan has exported 22,673 tons costing 18.71 million dollars to Iran. This shows a 7.48 per cent decrease in Afghan export to Iran.

Afghanistan has been 69th exporter to Iran, according to the report.