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Attack on NDS’s office in Kandahar foiled

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AT-KABUL: The National Directorate of Security (NDS) said on Friday that a coordinated attack on its office in Kandahar was foiled.

In a media statement issued here, the spy agency said that its operatives arrested three alleged terrorists who wanted to launch a group suicide attack on its office.

The group was headed by Saifullah son of Shah Wali. He is resident of Kandahar province. The group commander and his three fighters were in custody of the NDS. However, the spy agency did not mention that when and where the group was busted.

According to the statement, the terrorist group was involved in recent attacks in the province. The detained terrorists confessed that they had planned to attack the NDS’s office in Kandahar with an explosives-laden vehicle. The group was directed by Maulvi Mansoor, a senior Taliban commander, to attack the spy agency’s office.