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12 border policemen die in Taliban attack in Takhar

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AT-KABUL: At least 12 border police officers were killed and five others injured in a Taliban attack in the northeastern province of Takhar, officials in the province confirmed…

Hundreds of voting stickers lost in Paktia

AT-KABUL: Some candidates for the upcoming parliamentarian election in Paktia province said that hundreds of the stickers used on the cover of the voters’ ID cards had been…

People in embattled Ghazni hit by scarcity of food

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AT-KABUL: As battle in Ghazni raged Monday in southern Ghazni, UN agency warned that people in the embattled city faced shortage of food and medicine. Residents of Ghazni…

IEC headquarters shut by supporters of ‘barred’ candidates

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By Farhad Naibkhel-Kabul: Hundreds of supporters of candidates who had been barred from running for parliamentarian elections staged a protest in Kabul city and shutdown the Independent Election…

Taliban threat to attack major cities, a ‘grand propaganda’: Govt.

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AT-KABUL: The government rejects the Taliban’s recent announcement that the militants would attack large cities as a “great propaganda”, while the insurgents are launching an intensive assault on…

Ghazni fighting leaves 100 Afghan forces dead

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By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The battle for key Afghan city intensified Monday as Afghan forces pushed on with a full-scale onslaught for control of embattled Ghazni and flushing out…

Regional powers behind terrorism?

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As the longest ‘war on terror’ by international community with direct involvement of US is getting nears to its 18 years — efforts to dismantle terrorist financial networks…

Atmar for implementing quadrilateral cooperation mechanism

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AT-KABUL: National Security Advisor, Hani Atmar, met Sunday with the Saudi Ambassador to Kabul, Jasim al-Khalidi. During the meeting, the national security advisor emphasized on the implementation of…

Govt. says aware of Taliban’s Uzbekistan visit

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AT-KABUL: The government was informed of the Taliban delegation visit to Uzbekistan, the High Peace Council said, adding that the visit took place with the coordination of Kabul….

Russia, China, Iran supporting Taliban; Ex-militants

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AT-KABUL: Some Taliban fighters who have joined the peace process, claim that Russia, China and Iran support the militant group. 50 Taliban militants with their commander Mullah Abdul…