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Two complex attacks under way in Kabul city

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AT-KABUL- Armed militants have launched two coordinated attacks in two separate parts of the Kabul city where the clashes between security forces and militants still going on. First…

Atmar, Jinsong discuss broadening of bilateral ties

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AT-KABUL: National Security Adviser, Hanif Atmar on Tuesday met with Chinese Ambassador to Kabul, Liu Jinsong in his office, discussing bilateral relations and his recent visit to Beijing….

Traffic accident leaves 5 dead in Nangarhar

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AT-KABUL: At least five people have been killed and seven other received injuries in a traffic accident occurred on Tuesday in eastern Nangarhar province, official said. The car…

Our waters, our right

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AT-KABUL: Afghan government says that water is the right and need of Afghan people and more efforts should be carried out in retaining and using the waters. Javid…

Tala Wa Barfak district has not collapsed;  Clashes underway; Taliban assailants will be defeated: MoD

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AT-KABUL: Heavy clashes underway between the Afghan security forces and the Taliban insurgents in Tala Wa Barfak, the strategic district of northern Baghlan province, official said on Tuesday….

Taliban seize strategic hub in embattled Faryab, killing 10

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AT-KABUL: After a fierce overnight attack, the Taliban captured a strategic area of the Balcharagh district in northwestern Faryab province, killing 10 security personnel and wounding 14, officials…

Tempers run high against ‘ineffective counter-terrorism’

AT-KABUL: Some Afghan senators have lashed out at government’s ‘ineffective counter-terrorism action plans’ in bid to reduce terrorist threats and beef up security, as the country is facing…

Mohaqiq shrugs off allegations of quarrel with Hekmatyar

AT-KABUL: Second Deputy to the Chief Executive Mohammad Mohaqiq on Tuesday shrugged off allegations he had a verbal clash with Hizb-i-Islami leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar in a president-hosted meeting….

Germany is important supporter, partner of Afghanistan: Rabbani

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AT-KABUL: The Minister of Foreign Affairs Salahuddin Rabbani met with the Head of Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung Office Syria/Iraq, Mr. Nils Wörmer, the foreign ministry said in a statement on…

Displacement and migration take toll on half of population

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AT-KABUL: About half of Afghanistan’s population has been affected by forced internal displacements and migrations, according to ministry of migration and repatriation. The ministry says that some three…