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81 insurgents killed in military raids

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AT-KABUL: At least 81 militants were killed and 36 others wounded in multiple extensive military crackdowns within past 24 hours. In a press release issued here, Ministry of…

Police ignore harassment complaints: Report

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AT-KABUL: Despite the approval of women and children’s harassment prohibition law by the president, there are reports of women and girls being harassed, while police ignores to listen…

Roya Sadat’s ‘A Letter to President’ wins international award

AT-KABUL: The celebrated director Roya Sadat’s film ‘A Letter to the President’ has won the best film award in “One Future Award” in International Film Festival of Munich in…

No deal on Durand Line acceptable: Karzai

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AT-KABUL: Former President Hamid Karzai met with Alice Wells, US principal deputy assistant secretary for the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs, in his office on Sunday….

Chinese envoy vows to stand by Nangarharis

AT-KABUL: China’s envoy Liu Jinsong has unveiled Chinese government’s plan to provide support to eastern Nangarhar province in the spheres of reconstruction, agriculture, trade and mines. In a…

Missile attack disrupts security meeting in Ghazni

AT-KABUL: A missile landed near provincial governor’s compound and disrupted a meeting of high security officials in southern Ghazni province on Sunday. Some media outlets reported that a…

Cynicism over election transparency deeps

AT-KABUL: The Coalition for the Rescue of Afghanistan, a newly formed alliance consisted of three major political parties, threatened that it would form an interim government if President…

Editorial: Transparency of election at stake

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Election is the principal pillar of democracy with which citizens of a democratic nation practice their franchise and throw themselves into their fate. In the wake of the…

Around 400,000 refugees returned home in 2018

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AT-KABUL: Around 400,000 Afghan refugees have returned to the war-torn country over the past six months, Ministry of Refugee and Repatriation (MoRR) said on Sunday. Some 377,358 Afghan…

US service member killed in ‘insider attack’

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A US service member has been killed and two others injured in what appears to be an insider attack in Afghanistan, Nato says. The attack took place in…