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BSA yield no fruit: Ibrahimi

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AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Speaker of Wolesi Jirga or Lower House of Parliament, Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi on Monday said that core reason behind singing Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) with US was to improve security situation, but the agreement failed to deliver any result.

The National Unity Government signed BSA with US in its primary work day.

Despite terming BSA a failed agreement that not resulted in improving security situation, Ibrahimi also raised concerns over ongoing recruitment process by Islamic State (IS) terrorist group, also known as Daesh militants in the northern parts of the country.

“Insecurity has been threatening political, economic and social make-up of the country.”

“Despite this security agreement and the long-term strategic partnership with the United States, we have unfortunately not witnessed concrete or visible results,” Ibrahimi said.

At the same time, other lawmakers criticized the recent Kabul-Islamabad agreement on joint operations along the Durand Line, monitored by US.

“Clearance operations along the Durand Line in effect officially recognize the Durand Line and this is treason,” Razia Mangal, a lawmaker said.