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We need a comprehensive strategy to fight corruption

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By Anayatullah Alami-According to a recent survey launched by Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA) the corruption arrived at the third position and appeared to be biggest problem of the…

The trap of status quo

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By Afrasiab Khattak-Is this a country for Muslims or for Islam? This is the dilemma that Pakistan has faced from day one. For the majority of Muslim League…

Afghan authors lauded in 9th Jalal Al-e-Ahmad Literary Award

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AT-KABUL: The novels of four Afghan writers were picked up by the judges of the Jalal Al-e-Ahmad Ninth Literary Award launched in Tehran, the capital city of Iran….

The Afghanistan jam

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By Maj Gen Ashok K Mehta (retd)-EVERY successive year, for over a decade now, New Delhi is rated in surveys as the most popular country in Afghanistan. This…

Why is Europe able to manage its decline, while Asia is still unable to capitalize on its successes?

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By Anis H. Bajrektarevic-How to draw the line between the recent and still unsettled EU/EURO crisis and Asia’s success story? Well, it might be easier than it seems:…

The Saffarid Period in Afghanistan

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By Wakeel Khan-Following the fall of Sassanid Empire, two centuries of Arab hegemony in Khorasan was never popular in the Pashtun belt. This is evident from fierce resistance…

Sino-Russian neighborhood policy: Kazakhstan – Euroasian heart of gold

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By Filippo Romeo-Quite untill recently Kazakhstan was commonly identified as an impervious, legendary and fascinating place, one of passionate, bloody dusks whose natural beauty, combined with the landscape…

Kurds can’t be ignored in post war Syria

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By Manish Rai-The start of the Syrian civil war in 2011 gave the historically marginalized Kurds their first real chance to assert their autonomy and to become a…

Trump’s nation-building pledges to be tested in Afghanistan

By Rebecca Kheel-President-elect Donald Trump’s pledges to end the nation-building missions of the military will be tested in Afghanistan, where President Obama repeatedly came up against the reality…

Govt must focus on good governance to reach real democracy: Rana Think Tank

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By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Political experts on Tuesday in a monthly meeting of the Rana Think Tank urged the government to put the good governance on the top of…