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Bagh-e-Bala Palace regains its colors

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Abdul Zuhoor Qayomi Historians and nature lovers know how graceful Bagh-e-Bala Palace is because its dazzling dooms could be seen from far away. Vineyard and tall pine trees…

Illiteracy rate in Afghanistan stands at 64pc

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5 million citizens educated since 2002 including 60 percent females; seven million citizens still illiterate; 78 ‘adult literacy schools’ functional across country The Ministry of Education says it…

Afghans need lasting peace, stability to make headway in sports

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By Baber Khan Sahel and Ahmad Siyar Sirat Cricket in Afghanistan as well as other sports have had several achievements over the past decade and would see more…

Afghanistan has potential to generate 314,500 MW electricity: Minister

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Forty percent population has access to regular electricity. To cover all the population Afghanistan needs 5,000 megawatt power.” By Babar Khan Sahel KABUL: Many Afghans turn their night…