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Editorial: Cruelty reached peak

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Islamic State (IS), which is also known as Daesh terrorist have claimed responsibility for the deadly attack on a mosque in western Herat province. More than 100 people…

Editorial: None can inflict sectarian war

Insurgent attacks have been escalated. Casualties among military and civilians are high. Children and women are among killed and wounded. As a whole the Afghan civilians have been…

Editorial: Don’t fritter away

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The US administration has to be careful about every single decision regarding America’s longest war, however, with no eye-caching result in Afghanistan. When there is expectation of new…

Editorial: Water is life

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Most of the Afghan masses still do not have access to clean drinking water despite billions of dollars invested to supply the nation with a steady supply. In…

ED: End war with new tactics

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The most dangerous attitude is to remain constant in blunders. Accepting faults can alter the life. Observing faults can change everything as we all know that old ways…

ED: Psychological warfare

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Psychological warfare is an action used to target the enemy’s morale, a scenario that the Taliban insurgents have been engaged in for longtime, but resulted to nowhere. Psychological…

ED: Security forces are able to defend territory

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Our security forces (the national army, national police and the intelligence agency) are undoubtedly able to defend their national sovereignty as they have frequently proved it since different…

Editorial: Proud of having it

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Despite the continued uncertainty surrounding the country, the Afghan security forces are fighting all the 20 terrorist outfits with confidence. It is not exaggeration at all. After shouldering…

Editorial: Security gates or new blockade?

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After a few of the road blockades that were installed to protect the offices and residential areas of the senior and junior government officials were lifted following a…

Editorial: End violence by violence

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What we need to put a complete end to the ongoing war in Afghanistan—does military measure will put end, or we still need to constant on reconciliation process….