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Brussels summit

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To deliver on the promises given to the international community, the Afghan government established the high council of economy. The council is chaired by the president. Mandate of…

New Silk Route

China has planned the ‘One Belt, One Road’ several months ago. In the first phase the road will connect South Asia with Central Asia, and later with Europe….

Repatriating Afghans

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is in the spotlight as Afghan refugees in Peshawar have complained about discrimination, lack of basic facilities and corruption in…

Enemies of education

Law and order situation in different parts of the country is beyond argument because the militants are targeting civilian and military facilities in major cities. Fall of Garmsir…

Helmand under siege

The roaring and raging beast of terrorism and insurgency has made the public concerned about their future. Unfortunately, for the government hour has not come to wake up…

Editorial: Political system

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Since establishment of the National Unity Government (NUG) in Afghanistan, there is an unending debate on political systems. Public opinion makers, jurists, analysts and legislators have been discussing…

Editorial: Political environment

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Disagreement among political groups and leaders on the policies is not a rare thing. Differences among the parties and policymakers on the mechanism regarding resolving the outstanding challenges…

Editorial: Khanabad has fallen

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After deadly clashes between the small number of security forces and the Taliban, the militants succeeded in seizing control of Khanabad district of Kunduz province. The district is…

Editorial: Hidden killers

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Afghanistan has a high number of the victims by the landmines, roadside bombs and other unexploded explosive devices. The explosives are used by different hostile groups to apparently…

Editorial: Rare species

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Afghanistan is in the list of countries that have abundant natural resources. From rare deer species to butterflies and from gold to lithium, there are many things that…