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Electoral reforms, e-ID cards and Afghan Churchill

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For nearly 10 months, President Ashraf Ghani and his Chief Executive Abdullah remained at loggerheads over making up of the electoral reform commission. Now that it has been…

Of Daesh and stalemate with Pakistan

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Diplomacy has failed. Talks with the Taliban have failed. The national unity government despite keeping all the eggs just in one basket, failed to friend Pakistan. When Afghanistan…

Susan Rice in Pakistan and the concerns of Kabul

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For Pakistan, Afghanistan is a gadfly. For Afghanistan, Pakistan is a terrorist camp. For the United States both are allies in the international war on terror. But how…

Ubiquitous pessimism

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There is a ubiquitous pessimism regarding the performance of the National Unity Government. This ubiquity is validated by a survey carried out by a private news channel TOLOnews….

Bloodbath in Faryab and security farce

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Once again the Taliban unleashed the floodgates of terror. Once again the nation witnessed the bloodbath. The coldblooded Taliban, the merchants of hatred and bloodshed, killed at least…

Disgruntled Taliban and peace talks

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The death of Mullah Omar, the figurehead of the Taliban, who led the Taliban movement since 1994 and the sporadic attacks in Kabul in recent weeks dashed the…

Of peace talks, Afghanistan, the US and Pakistan

The international community has nudged Kabul to resume talks with the Taliban in such a time when Kabul has taken a serious swipe at Pakistan for sheltering them…

Taliban’s barbarism, civilians and a pregnant woman

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Once again the Taliban showed their real face—the darker and barbaric face. They have gone so much insane and bloodthirsty that they even set the houses of civilians…

Kamal Khan Dam and insecurity

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The much needed Kamal Khan Dam is becoming a lost cause. The reason is obvious. And the reason is insecurity. But perhaps the more blameworthy is the office…

Terror unleashed in Kabul once again

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Hard on the heel of the deadliest blast in Shah Shaheed locality, yet Kabul is rocked by another deadliest blast. The blast, believed to be a car-bombing, has…