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Iran’s interference in Afghanistan shouldn’t go unanswered

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While the Afghan peace process hasn’t reached a conclusion, Iran is successfully buying the Taliban’s loyalty. Being involved in multiple proxy wars to upset its arch-rival, the Kingdom…

Education under attack

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When it comes to militant attacks, governmental departments, security institutes, foreign missions, aid agencies, funerals, hotels and guesthouses are not alone. Education sector is also in the crosshair…

Health care for rural population

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It has been more than 13 years since fall of the Taliban’s regime, but the authorities have utterly failed in providing health care services to all citizens. This…

The forgotten children

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Children are the most unfortunate segment of the society. Young boys and girls work on streets at the age which is supposed to be for playing and education….

Reforms and legitimacy

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Deadline for the parliamentary election is fast approaching, but the government is yet to device a mechanism to counter the delay or come up with a better solution….

Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs and its security plan

As insecurity has been deteriorating across the country, the responsibility of maintaining security and law and order don’t remain only confined to the ministry of interior and the…

The plight of mine workers, and illegal mining

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A civil society group released a report regarding the extreme conditions and illegal labor practices, rife in the mining sector across the country. The report is based on…

Will the Taliban ever listen to ulema?

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Since the power of interpreting religious as well as political and tribal affairs and principles and resolve disputes arising from the meaning of the law rests with the…

Of troops defection, Urozgan and the government

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Those who wear the prestigious uniform and carry out rifles into combat are the faithful sons of the soil, and the nation’s job is to hold them higher…

Landmines a deadliest curse

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The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) expressed its concerns over a persistent surge in civilian casualties in terror attacks in the country. When it comes to terror…