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Lessons from Kunduz fall

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Is it a day after the fair? For pessimist, it might be yes, but for optimists still there is a hope. Still the government has time to fix…

The unrest grows

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Despite having democratic government, the situation has not changed in favor of Afghans in the past 14 years. Consider it failure of the international community, inability of the…

Corruption as pitfall

Those at the power corridor had assured public time to time that they would fight corruption. However, the pledges are no more of value for the nation because…

Reaping benefits

Taking advantage of the expanding energy capacity, Turkmenistan has completed the construction of a section of Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Tajikistan railway. The interregional railway project is supposed to increase commercial and…

No more fooling

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The insurgents are hell-bent on turning Afghanistan once again into a fulcrum of global militancy. Security deterioration has become contagious. One day it is Badakhshan that is plagued…

China, Afghanistan and peace talks

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China, undoubtedly, is one of the strategically important neighbors of Afghanistan—a country entangled in choas, and struggling to subdue terrorism. So far, Afghanistan, unforutnately, has not clinched any…

Combat terrorism by ending support to terrorists

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The three hours of terror that shook the city of lights—Paris, shook the world and made world leaders to hurriedly hurl terror-condemning statements and tried to stand besides…

Tragedy-comedy with Afghanistan

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Tragedy-comedy has a long history in Afghanistan.  This history has bruised our national pride. The tragedy is Afghanistan has a longest history of being interfered by others. And…

Laurel Miller in Pakistan

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As the Taliban and other terror groups are creeping into urban and residential areas, putting civilians’ lives at greater risk, casualties are soaring steadily. There has been a…

Patience of the nation at boiling point

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There is a tsunami of troubles and issues. One issue is not resolved that yet another issue emerges. At times they challenge our collective stamina as a nation….