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Russia’s military support

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Russia is more prominent in Afghanistan’s history than any other nation-state. Proximity and relations of the two countries dominate the contemporary history. Once upon a time, Moscow was…

Cost of free speech

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The Reporters Without Borders, a watchdog, reported on Tuesday that this year 110 journalists were killed in the line of duty.  Since 2005, as many as 787 journalists…

Beyond comprehension

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The United States as so-called global leader on war against terrorism is clueless on how to end the Afghan war without losing the gains that she had made….

Self-sufficiency in wheat production

Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) has claimed that the country would become self-sufficient in wheat production by 2020. The deputy minister of agriculture Mir Amanuddin Haidari…

Boundless friendship

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Since times immemorial, Afghans and Indians have welcomed each other with open arms. The two nations are bonded together in common culture, history and interests. Both nations have…

Moscow against Daesh

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Russia’s Special Envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Zamir Kabulov, said that his country was sharing intelligence about Daesh with the Taliban insurgents. The diplomat believes that it would…

Resolution with resolve

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The UN Security Council has extended sanctions regime against the Afghan Taliban and other affiliate insurgent groups. The resolution was passed unanimously by the UN Security Council. But,…

Fear of collapse

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If the history of the National Unity Government is written properly, some steps and reputations of the government are going to be badly bruised. There would not be…

Terrorism on airwaves

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After the US-led coalition forces ended their combat operations last year in December, reports about emergence of Daesh or the Islamic State had surfaced. Unfortunately, the reports were…

Changing tides

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After formation of the National Unity Government (NUG) the hopes were high that the new leadership would resolve the challenges that the previous government could not. The previous…