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Taliban’s senselessness

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Skirmishes between Afghan security forces and Taliban fighters in Kajaki area have caused disruption of energy supply to the southern Helmand and Kandahar provinces. It means militancy not…

Unemployment backlash

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Billions of dollars have been funneled into this war-wracked country yet extreme poverty, joblessness and the signs of war are quite visible in every nook and cranny of…

Of terror and despair

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It is yet another incident of terror. Wednesday brought another story of terror and grief. When the heartless Taliban don’t spill the blood of innocent Afghan civilians they…

Fiddling while Rome burns

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It’s not a good start at all. But chances and the trend of the time stand in favor of the government. If you get to the rule of…

Electoral reforms need of the hour

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The presidential elections that led to the formation of the National Unity Government (NUG) were a revealing snapshot of what has been achieved in Afghanistan. Though, our democracy…

Alliance overhaul: Ghani and Abdullah in US

Eyeing a multi-objectives policy and to revamp Afghan-US ties, President Ashraf Ghani and the National Unity Government’s CEO Abdullah Abdullah left for the United States on a five-day…

Peace jirga and Afghan refugees’ plight

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Why things in the Af-Pak remain untidy? Why our region has been hit by troubles? Is it the will of God? Or the game of devils? Or the…

Troop drawdown and housing market slump

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As foreign troops have already started drawdown, its implications on Afghan economy have started showing signs. As a first sign there was a sharp decline in foreign donations….

Taliban’s crookedness at its peak

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Our country is one of the terrible lands. Violence, contradictions, justice denials, no equitable distribution of wealth, corruption and a constant poor-rich standoff are some of the social,…

Peace talks and cautious optimism

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Confidence is building and the tone of the conflict in the country has been changing. Many people, in Afghanistan, the region and the West, have started discerning that…