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Taliban tops the killers’ list

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Sadly enough, civilian casualties have reached their highest level since the United Nations began keeping detailed records six years ago, the international agency reported Wednesday. While the number…

Afghan govt should play its own game

The death report of Mullah Omar, the figurehead of the Taliban, has not only flared up tensions among the Taliban and broken out a deepening schism, but at…

Taliban cannot justify the war anymore

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After the death of the Taliban figurehead Mullah Omar, the insurgent group is hit by power struggle. The Taliban insurgent movement is teetering on the brink of large…

The fall of district Nawzad

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After the fall of a district in Badakhshan and many villages in Kunduz province that fell to the Taliban, now it is Nawzad district in Helmand province collapsed…

Mullah Omar’s death puzzle and peace process

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Media reports that say the Taliban’s supreme leader, Mullah Omar is dead, doesn’t auger well for the direct peace talks between the Afghan government and the insurgents. The…

Pakistan’s rocket attack and the new administration in Kabul

Unfortunately, the two neighboring countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan, from the very outset created a lot of deep-seated hostility. This hostility was rooted in Afghanistan’s anger towards the then…

Security strategies under question

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About 120 border and local policemen surrendered to the Taliban after the insurgents took control of their base in Tirgaran area of Warduj district. The policemen were released…

Community policing

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Community police plays important role in democratic countries as they know how to deal with crimes in a particular community with support of locals. Local policemen or community…

Afghans expect results of peace talks

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News are in circulation that second round of the peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban insurgents likely to take place on July 30 in China….

Mounting insecurity

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After different rounds of informal talks in Norway, France and Qatar, the Taliban and Afghan government officials have met in Murree, Pakistan for talks this month to kick…