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Peace talks: Afghanistan says ‘thanks, but no thanks’ to Pakistan

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By M. Sidiq Yosufi-KABUL: Afghan government this week rejected to participate in the second round of the peace talks with mediation of any second country, and asked Pakistan…

Maswak: A twig with many miracles

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Abdul Zuhoor Qayomi-Popular as teeth cleaning twig among non-Muslims, use of maswak is very common in the Islamic countries. Believers use maswak to follow the teachings of the…

Growing domestic demand spurs furniture business

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By M. Nadeem Alizai-When it comes to fashion and style, Afghans living in urban areas keep keen eye on new fashion trends. For them fashion is not just…

Man beheads wife in Herat

AT-KABUL: A woman was allegedly decapitated by her husband in the western Herat province, said an official in the province on Wednesday. Abdul Rauf Ahmadi, spokesman for Herat…

Kabul City: Isn’t just capital of Afghanistan but of palaces as well

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By Abdul Zuhoor Qayomi-Kabul City, the capital of Afghanistan, has seen many kings and generals roaring, crying, smiling and dying. Some were invaders and several were settlers. However,…

Children bear brunt of NATO’s unexploded Afghan bombs

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KABUL: NATO troops leaving Afghanistan have left behind them a legacy of unexploded ordinance that is killing civilians at the rate of more than one a day, the…