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7 hunger strikers lost consciousness: Helmand protestor demands ceasefire

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AT News Report-KABUL: Following last week’s car bombing in southern city of Lashkagah that left sixteen martyred, a large group of young people initiated a campaign of peace…

We are in Afghanistan to avoid another 9/11

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AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Commander of the United States Marine Corps General Robert B. Neller said the US forces will remain in Afghanistan to prevent attacks from Afghanistan on…

30 rebels killed in Kandahar night raid: Gen. Raziq

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AT News Report-KABUL: The Afghan security forces have killed at least 30 armed militants during a night raid conducted in Maiwand district of Kandahar province, top security official…

Taliban solicit money from Russians

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AT News Report-KABUL: Taliban have solicited financial support from Russia during a series of talks Kremlin had with the militant group. Russia’s envoy for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov has…

No more battlefield missions for Afghan police: Defense brass

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AT News Report-KABUL: Afghanistan’s interior ministry has declared that police forces will discontinue any field missions for the Afghan police in the battlegrounds and rather guard and protect…

Scores of militants dead in military drills

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AT-KABUL: In the wake of massive-scale security operations across the country in recent day, at least 29 militants belonging to various insurgent outfits have been killed and as…

Parliament impeaches top brass over surge in insecurity

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AT-KABUL: Decrying the recent countrywide surge in insecurity, Afghanistan’s Parliament summoned on Wednesday high-ranking security brass for an interpellation motion. Ministers of Defense and Interior as well as…

President Ghani meets Russian Foreign Minister; Afghanistan envisages deeper economic ties with Russia

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AT-KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani met foreign minister of Russia Sergei Lavrov, Tuesday afternoon on the sidelines of the Tashkent Conference, where both sides shed lights over important issues….

President Ghani meets British Special Representative to Afghanistan, Pakistan

AT-KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani held meeting with the British special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan Gareth Bayley on Tuesday morning on the sidelines of the Tashkent Conference on…

7,500 HIV infections in Afghanistan

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AT-KABUL: Up to 7,500 people infected by AIDS syndrome have been registered in Afghanistan, the public health ministry said. “Migrations to abroad and the low level of education…