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And the Taliban still claim they are true representatives of the nation. Are they?

By Mansoor Faizy Taliban blow up school, clinic in Kunar There is hardly a place they didn’t attack. To start from mosques to hospitals, from marriage halls to…

Can we fight cancer with statements?

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Nadeem Alizai: Comment KABUL:  Officials in the public health ministry proudly provide data about cancer patients in the world but when one ask them about data regarding Afghans…

Crackdown on Afghan refugees: 70 more held in Pakistan

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By Mansoor Faizy KABUL: Soon after the deadly attack on an army-run school in Peshawar on 16th December where over 130 schoolchildren were killed, Pakistan’s security apparatus started…

A global warning

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Ahmad Bin Shafar We are living in a world where climate change has evolved from a theory to a reality. From annual typhoons in the Philippines, to the…

Child labor and stagnant policies

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Opinion by Mir Safyan Khilji Child labor has number of definitions and different people have different concepts about the issue. However according to International Labor Organization “Child labor…

Twitter gaffe exposes Taliban’s spokesman location, but Kabul’s silence odd enough

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Opinion by Qais Daudzai and Ahmad Siyar Sirat Taliban stands for plural form of Taliban which means the one who seek knowledge especially religious scholarship.  But yet there…