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Taliban financial manager killed in Samangan

AT-KABUL: Ministry of Interior (MoI) on Sunday said that a Senior Taliban financial maanager Killed in northern Samangan Province. In a statement MoI said that Mullah Ramzullah known…

Afghanistan’s real battle is building strong national institutions

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By Ezzatullah Mehrdad From 1992 to 2001, Afghanistan was on fire of civil war for first four years and in second half, Afghanistan was in hand of the…

Afghanistan and regional cooperation: Opportunities and impediments

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By Mohammad Mosa Ahmadzai-Regional cooperation is important for regional peace and stability. It is regional cooperation through which regional countries can coordinate their efforts to bring an ever…

Afghanistan’s Peace Weavers 

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By Tadamichi Yamamoto-Paradoxically, despite a horrific and seemingly endless war raging around them, there are brave citizens building peace across Afghanistan every day. The United Nations is doing…

Feature series: In Afghanistan’s tiny Daikundi, the motivation for more women in journalism is “the story.” 

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About this Feature Story: The United Nations has a mandate to support the Government of Afghanistan and its citizens in a shared goal of becoming a stable, open,…

Afghanistan’s survival demands the Afghan government unity

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By Dr. Zia Nezam-To overcome the continuing Taliban and extremist threats, The Afghan government must first overcome internal rivalries and demonstrate unity. The unrelenting power-sharing disputes among different…

Wonderful Afghanistan beyond headlines

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By Ezzatullah Mehrdad-The unexplored beautiful land of Afghanistan waits for fascinated adventurers and tourists. From amazing northern landscape of Pamir to survived historical sites of the first regional…

Why Trump is right to get tough with Pakistan

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By ZALMAY KHALILZAD-President Trump deserves high marks for his new Afghanistan strategy. It is bold, reasoned and offers the prospect of success against the violent Islamist groups of the region….

Amanullah Khan: The less we know and the more we talk about

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Codifying, Articulating and Translating Amaanism: an Undocumented Ideology and an Alternative Narrative By Asadullah Daudzai-We are a nation of much sensation and high talks and less consciousness and…

Afghans’ journey to make access to information a reality

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By Sayed Niyam Shinwaray-It is proved that the right of access to information plays a vital role in a country’s stability, development, good governance and transparency. Luckily, Afghanistan’s recently…