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The Echo of Civilization; Ancient Afghan treasures on display in China

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AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Cultural relics from Afghanistan, including ancient gold jeweler, have gone on display in Chengdu City, in China’s southwest Sichuan province, it has been reported.

The exhibition – The Echo of Civilization – is being held at the Chengdu Museum and has been well received by locals, who have flocked to view the artifacts.

According to the People’s Daily, a total of 231 precious arte facts from the National Museum of Afghanistan are on display.

The exhibited pieces were unearthed at four different archeological sites around the country and reveal the historic course of ancient Afghanistan from Neolithic Age, Greek civilization, grassland civilization through to Kushan civilization.

People’s daily reported that the museum is also holding a series of themed lectures, providing visitors with the opportunity to learn about ancient Afghan civilization.

The exhibition amazed the visitors and gave them a new understanding of Afghanistan, a country frequently associated with war and poverty.

“It’s amazing that such a war-torn nation used to have such a brilliant civilization,” said one visitor, as quoted by People’s Daily.