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First plant to produce renewable energy inaugurated in Herat

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AT-KABUL: The first ever plant solar to produce 2mw energy through wind and sun was inaugurated Sunday in Herat province.

The contract of the plant was signed by the Ministry of Energy and Water one year ago on the 40 acres of land in industrial city of Herat.

According to a statement the plant was inaugurated after completion by the Minister of energy and Water Ali Ahmad Osmani in Herat today.

Minister of Energy and Water Ali Ahmad Osmani said that this project was completed at a total cost of $3.5 million in cooperation of Japan.

In this energy project 5320 solar have been installed, which through 1.7mw power will be produced.

Also 300kw will be produced via three wind turbines in the area.

Minister said that the Ministry of Energy and Water will exert utmost efforts to produce 300mw power through using expandable energies in the country.

The wind-energy projects inaugurates while, few months ago Salama dam was completed in Herat, which is one of the biggest energy producer project as well as good source for irrigation of agriculture land in west part of the country.