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Foreign militants infiltrate Maidan Wardak

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AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Scores of foreign militants have infiltrated Maidan Wardak province, said a local official on Monday.

Residents of the province told Azadi Radio that hundreds of foreign militants are hiding in different parts of the province.

Sharifullah Hotak, a member of Maidan Wardak provincial council, urged the government to take action against the foreign militants. “I cannot deny presence of foreign militants in Maidan Wardak. I contacted tribal elders in the province and they told me that the militants are from Pakistan and are speaking Urdu,” he added. He said that some of the militants are wearing military uniforms.

A number of lawmakers also raised the issue in the plenary session of the Wolesi Jirga. They said that militants are trying to seize a depot of weapon in the province.

Residents of the province also expressed their concerns over presence of foreign militants in Maidan Wardak. They said that the militants are trying to terrify people and pose threat to security of the province.

“The foreign militants belong to Pakistan’s spy agency, ISI and they are here to destroy our country. The militants say that they will soon capture Maidan Shahr, the capital city of the province,” a resident of the province told Azadi Radio on condition of anonymity. He said that some of the foreign militants were speaking Pashto while others were speaking Urdu.

However, the Ministry of Defense neither rejected nor confirmed the reports. The ministry assured residents of the province that Afghan forces are capable to fight against militants and will spare no efforts to defend their people.