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Foreign national kidnapped in Kabul 

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AT-KABUL: Unknown armed men kidnapped a foreign national Sunday in Kabul city, security officials confirmed.

Basir Mujahid, spokesman for Kabul police named the abducted person as George, saying he was “from Africa”, but could not elaborate about his exact nationality of the kidnapped person. “The foreign person was abducted this morning in the Police District 3, west part of the city.”

He said that investigation started over the case.

Likewise, head of press department of ministry of agriculture, irrigation and livestock, Lotfullah Rashed said that the abducted man was working for the ministry as a contractor.

“He was working for the livestock and horticulture project and was reportedly kidnapped at around 9:00 am,” Rashed added.

He was on the way to office while was kidnapped in Kart-e-Chahar area of Kabul city.

Last month Unknown men attacked a guest house in police district 7 on the Darul Aman raod—killing two people—a German woman, and her Afghan guard, taking another foreigner woman with themselves in Kabul, the capital city late night.