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Ghani condemns Kabul, Paktika suicide attacks

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AT-KABUL: President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani on Saturday strongly condemned the recent suicide attacks in Kabul and Paktika provinces.

“Killing of innocent people in public areas is against Islamic teachings,” a statement from the presidential palace quoted Ghani as saying.

He furthered that killing innocent people is a big crime which is not justifiable in any way. “There is no place in peace talks for those insurgents who are not renouncing violence and continue to shed bloods of Afghan masses in their evil designs,” said Ghani.

At least two people were killed and 15 others wounded in a suicide attack on a guesthouse used by foreigners in Taimani area of Kabul on Friday. Six civilians, including three children were also received injures in an explosion in Sharan, the provincial capital southeastern Paktika province.