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MoF submits next year’s budget to senate

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Abdul Zuhoor Qayomi-KABUL: The Ministry of   Finance (MoF) on Sunday submitted the draft budget for the next Afghan fiscal year to Meshrano Jirga with a total outlay of $7.3 billion.

The general budget of the year is 4.5 billion (68 percent) and development budget 2.8 billion (39 percent).

International donations make 68 percent ($4.9 billion) of the total budget.

According to the MoF 2.4 billion (50 percent) of the international donations has been allocated for ordinary budget. Most part of the donations would go to the security sector.

“The development budget of the next year shows 14.5 percent increase as compared to the last year,” said the Minister of Finance, Eklil Hakemi.

He added that Afs16 billion of the development budget is allocated for protection of environment, Afs18.9 billion for rural development and Afs8.9 billion for agriculture sector. “13 percent of the development budget is allocated for healthcare services, 12.4 percent for education sector,” he added.

The total budget of the 1395 is $ 7.3 billionwhich the$4.9 billion “68 percent of the whole budget” is the international donors as   $61 million of the whole donations is without ticket loansof the previous years. Also Islamic development Bank, Saudi Development Trust Fund, Asian Development Bank and Italy are the main resources which have paid loans for some infrastructure projects.

The 13 percent of the development budget as the most part is for health sector and 12.4 percent is for education sector, added Hakemi. Also 40 percent of the new arbitrary budget has been allocated to infrastructure and natural resources and 15 percent is for the agriculture and rural development while 14 percent is for the education sector, added finance minister.

According to him eight to ten percent of the new arbitrary budget has been allocated to  health and economic management.