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MoI attack is being investigated: Minister

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AT-KABUL: Wednesday attack on the Ministry of Interior (MoI) is being investigated, Minister Wais Ahmad Barmak said, putting the transforming of terrorists by two armored vehicles under big question.

Talking to Radio Azadi, Interior Minister Barmak informed of an investigation to find the nature of terrorist attack on the ministry, and also from where the terrorists made it possible to reach the entrance gate. He alleged terrorists were being kept at private homes in Kabul.

The Wednesday MoI attack ended after Afghan forces gunned down all 10 assailants.

Ministry of Interior Spokesman Najeeb Danish said that all terrorists were killed. According to him in advance a suicide attack detonated his explosive-laden body in the first checkpoint in front of the entrance gate of the Ministry of Interior at around 12:20pm in order to open way to other assailants to storm inside the ministry compound.

He said that shortly after the suicide attack, seven invaders struggled to storm inside the MoI compound but faced police resistance and were all gunned down.