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Potable water soon in rural areas: MoRRD signed agreement to provide drinkable water to 1.8 million people

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AT News Report-KABUL: Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MoRRD) signed agreement with UNICEF to provide 1.8 million people drinkable water and hygiene services in rural areas across the country.

According to a statement the agreement signed between ministry and UNICEF for 2018 and 2019, which UNICEF will funded part of the budget for providing drinkable water and hygiene services to the rural areas.

Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development Mujeeb-U-Rahman Karimi said that “through this program 1.8 million people will have access to drinkable water and hygiene services in rural areas.”

He said that 1.5 million people would have access to drinkable water and hygiene services during emergency conditions in next two years.

Total budget for the project needed is $43.2 million, which the three ministries will have financial cooperation in order to provide healthy water in clinics, schools and rural areas, he added.

Out of $43.2 million, 21.4 million is available and the rest 21.8 million will be granted by donors to the UNICEF.

Some $22.2 million was allocated for the year of 2018, which currently 13 million is available, he noted.

Minister said that $5.3 million is allocated for water supply programs, which included construction of 150 water reservation network in 1200 water points.

He said that also 6.3 million allocated for hygiene programs, which will be implemented in 500 villages.

He stated that $10.6 million allocated for capacity building, communication and providing drinkable water during emergency conditions, which all three ministries are involved.

Based on this plan UNICEF will provide capacity building training programs for central and provincial engineers in the fields of survey and design and this scheme will be implemented through water supply departments, he mentioned.

He said that the water supply staffs also will be trained in order to control water quality.

The areas and districts which still witnessed for polio cases will be on prior through this program, he underlined.