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Punishment blunder: Nabil apologizes to two varsity lecturers

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AT-KABUL: The Chairman of National Directorate of Security (NDS), Rahmatullah Nabil, apologized to two lecturers, whose heads were shaved for allegedly taking bribes. The two lecturers were detained by NDS operatives and their heads were shaved as punishment by Ghazni Attorney General Office (AGO) officials.

A statement issued by the NDS said that two low level staffers of the directorate, who were indirectly involved in the issue, are currently under investigation.

Nabil on behalf of the NDS apologized to the two lecturers as well as all teachers of Afghanistan.

“It is the prime duty of the NDS to protect rights and dignity of Afghans,” he added.

Nabil assured the two lecturers that justice will be done.