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School student’s parents share concerns with Karzai over possible Afghan-Turk school closure

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Probable closure of Afghan-Turkey school

Parents share concern with Karzai

AT-KABUL: A number of people whose children are studying at the Afghan-Turk schools, met with the former president on Tuesday in his office, sharing concerns over the closure of the Turkey-supported chain schools in Afghanistan.

“The parents of the Afghan-Turk schools students told the former president that their children were enjoying a high-level of study at these schools and they were happy with that,” Karzai’s office said in a statement.

Thousands of students have studied from these schools across the country and they would be deprived of a standard education if the school was closed, the statement added.

They called Turkey as a friendly country to Afghanistan, saying they realized the problems of the Turkish government. They added that Turkey should also realize the problems of Afghan students would face with and should not deprive their children of a high quality education.