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Schools shut amid fierce clashes in Farah

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AT-KABUL: The government has ordered that schools in Farah be closed to avoid civilian casualties amid ongoing clashes between Taliban insurgents and government forces in the western province.

In the face of tense security situation in Farah, the Ministry of Education on Thursday declared that all schools and other educational and vocational centers in the province will remain closed until security improves.

Over the past years, security in Farah province has been worsening. The Taliban insurgents since Tuesday have been attacking the capital city and triggering fierce clashes with Afghan security forces.

The education ministry said in a statement that all schools and education centers in the province will be closed to protect students, teachers and education employees until security situation improves. The statement added, “the education department in Farah is ordered to delay teaching and exams of students until the end of security issues and the next instruction which will be given after Eid Al-Fitr.”