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Senate urges immediate distribution of e-ID cards

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AT News Report-KABUL: The Senate called for the immediate launch of the distribution of the electronic-ID cards (e-ID), as tensions over the process is still looming in the parliament.

The senators said Sunday that no problem remained to delay the process.

“We ask the government to start the distribution of the electronic ID cards as soon as possible,” said Fazl Hadi Moslemyar, head of the senate.

He added that distributing of the electronic ID cards would help the transparency of the elections.

Senators said that the problems over registering nationality and ethnicity had been solved. The process was to begin last week.

A sources in the presidential palace said that the process would begin “very soon”.

“We are ready to begin the distribution of the electronic ID cards and are talking to the president’s office on the exact date,” said Ruhollah Ahmadzai, spokesman for the registration department.