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Taliban incapable of capturing even a checkpoint in Herat let alone a district: Official

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: A security official in western Herat province said that cannot capture even a security checkpoint in the province let alone a district.

A swarm of the Taliban militants stormed Shindand district of the province. Local officials in the province said that security forces repelled the attack and inflected heavy casualties on the militants.

The fighting started around 8:00 pm near police headquarters in the district the other night and raged on till 2:00 am.

The Governor of Herat, Mohammad Asif Rahimi, said that only one policeman was killed in the fighting.

In the meantime the provincial police chief, Abdul Majid Rozi, said that the militants cannot capture a even security checkpoint in the province.

This comes at a time that the militants have recently mounted their terrorist activities in Shindand and Golran districts of the province.