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‘We don’t want Afghanistan plunged into chaos’: Sayyaf

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AT-KABUL: Jihadi leader and head of Dawat Islamic party, Abdul Rab Rasul Sayyaf on Thursday in a press conference reiterated that he and his party and political allies don’t want the country to plunge into chaos and crises, but government have to do its best to pave the ground for “transparent and fair” parliamentary elections, which has been delayed for more than two years.

Sayyaf, who was talking to his supporters in Kabul in a gathering said that “we don’t want Afghanistan plunged into chaos” apparently responding to the concerns and rumors that political parties may try for holding early elections or establishment of an interim government to get rid of the current government’s failure on their believe to put the things on the right track.

He expressed doubt on government’s will for holding transparent and timely elections saying the election commission only announced the date for the 2018 parliamentary elections, but no preparations as needed so far done.

He warned that if the government fails to pave the ground for “fair, transparent and timely” elections the currently political crisis may deepen and problems will increase that could push the country toward “deep crisis.”

Afghan government has already delayed parliamentarian elections by nearly two years due to insecurity, lack of budget and electoral reforms.

But after nearly three years of efforts the new election commission announced summer of 2018 as the time for holding parliamentary elections.